2013 | Landscape: A World of Patterns
To encourage and provoke students to visulaize ideas, develop themes, concepts and theories and evolve designs that are inspiredby natural and cultural processes and patterns in Indian landscape.

Samir Mathur and Shilpa Chandawarkar, both landscape architects, Madhu Pandit, architect and Dr Anjan Sen, Geographer architects
Jury Session: Faculty of Architecture and Ekistics, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
Award Presentation Ceremony:
Town Hall, Kolkata

The event was organized in collaboration with DESIGN ACCORD, a landscape consultancy firm with its offices in New Delhi and Kolkata.

On the occassion of the Award Presentation ceremony, eminent landscape architect, Prof. Ravindra Bhan showcased his various works across the country of different scales and types.
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